Data Normalization at the Edge

At Xylem, our purpose is building a more water-secure world, enabled by innovating, collaborating and connecting diverse capabilities, solutions and know-how, to champion those who make water work every day. The opportunities to harness data and analytics to redefine water are limitless. By partnering with and for our customers, and leveraging game-changing technologies, we can shape a future where water is no longer a constraint to human health, economic development or the environment, and create a more sustainable world.

Given the complexity of data integration, it is challenging to simplify and streamline these processes. This is even more pressing in the customer’s legacy install base, where data is fragmented and communications occur through various industry-standard languages and protocols. As a result, processing data streams for solutions like Digital Twins on Edge devices and seamlessly bridging the gaps between Operational and Information Technology becomes a daunting task.

In our partnership with Domatica, and with the help of their team and their software EasyEdge, we found specific solutions that help with data normalization at the Edge, including a comprehensive library of “out of the box” devices and system connectors for effortless integrations, saving us time on provisioning and deployment of our solutions at scale.

Mike W. Otten
Xylem | Director - Connect, Edge & Intelligence - Enterprise Digital Success


Xylem innovates and collaborates with utilities, industrial manufacturers, buildings operators, and communities, to protect and optimize water. Using global reach combined with local know-how, together with customers, Xylem makes our water resources more sustainable, championing those dedicated to making water work every day.  

A decade of innovation and impact.

In just a decade, Xylem has grown from a pump manufacturer to a leading global water solutions partner. As the name signifies, “xylem” is the connective tissue and system in plants which cleanses and transports water from the root to where it is needed most to sustain life.

And this is the essence of Xylem as a company. We are committed to driving sustainable impact by ensuring our connected technologies and solutions support our customers and the communities they serve, to tackle the water challenges that matter most to them.    

Today, Xylem is leading the way in water with more than 23,000 diverse colleagues around the world, serving customers in more than 150 countries and achieving revenues of $8.1b, by collaborating with and empowering customers and communities to build a more water-secure world.

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