No-Code Solution for Industrial IoT Data Collection

IoT Edge solution to streamline data exchange between field devices and applications, with brownfield in mind.

Connect - Shape - Deliver

Access siloed data, modulate according to your needs and deploy it into the chosen Application. Easy!

EasyEdge - Seamless Asset Connectivity

Unleash the Full Potential of Industrial Data with EasyEdge

At the forefront of the industrial digital revolution, EasyEdge stands out as a transformative force, seamlessly bridging assets with applications in ways previously unimaginable. Powered by our pioneering Engines Technology, it simplifies the creation of Asset Drivers and Application Connectors, enabling effortless integration for new assets (southbound) and applications/platforms (northbound). This breakthrough technology is reshaping industries by making data more accessible, actionable, and powerful than ever before.

Why EasyEdge?

  • Ultra-Low Footprint, Outstanding Performance: EasyEdge is engineered for peak efficiency, ensuring even the most basic gateways can harness its power. This capability makes expansive IoT deployments not only feasible but economically advantageous and scalable, from the vast networks of manufacturing and energy sectors to the critical operations in mining and oil & gas. EasyEdge democratizes digital innovation, enabling industries to leapfrog into the future.

  • Effortless Integration: Navigate the complex landscape of industrial connectivity with ease. EasyEdge eliminates the barriers of siloed data and intricate connectivity, transforming raw data into a strategic advantage. It’s about turning every data point into a springboard for operational excellence, cost reduction, and competitive edge.

  • Industries Transformed: Tailored to meet the unique challenges of diverse sectors—manufacturing, automotive, energy, mining, oil & gas, and beyond—EasyEdge delivers robust solutions that propel businesses into a new era. Its versatility extends across the digital divide, ensuring industries can embrace the benefits of IT/OT convergence, irrespective of their technological starting point.

  • Rapid Implementation & Cost Efficiency: Transition from concept to impact at unprecedented speeds. EasyEdge significantly cuts down implementation times and slashes operational and hardware costs, ensuring your IoT journey is both swift and economically rewarding.

  • Real-Time Data Processing in Any Environment: EasyEdge leverages the edge’s capabilities to offer instant data processing, achieving ultra-low latency while adhering to regulatory standards—even in the most remote or challenging environments. This ensures that whether you’re drilling for oil, monitoring energy grids, or overseeing vast manufacturing facilities, you have the insights to act decisively and effectively.

Embrace Tomorrow with EasyEdge

Venture into a world where every asset is interconnected, each piece of data fuels innovation, and operational excellence is within reach. EasyEdge invites you on a transformative journey to unlock the full potential of your industrial data, setting new standards for what’s possible in efficiency, scalability, and insight-driven decision-making. Dive into the future of industrial connectivity and innovation. Choose EasyEdge, where possibilities are limitless and the future is now.

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EasyEdge Key benefits

EasyEdge offers all the simplicity and flexibility of a No-Code Industrial IoT platform, allowing you to easily connect field devices while dramatically reduces engineering costs and project delivery time.

Designed with brownfield in mind

Greatly reduced engineering costs
All features available by API
Operations friendly No-Code
Faster expansion to scale
Attractive Business Models

What Our Partners Say

Find out about the experiences of our Partners and how their companies are benefiting from EasyEdge.

ABB Ability™ is our unified, cross-industry digital offering that enable our customers to know more, do more, do better, together. Thanks to our digital services and multi segment expertise, ABB Ability™ solutions turns insights into the direct action that "closes the loop" and generates customer value in the physical world. The platform empowers our ABB Ability™ digital solutions with great IoT Edge capabilities, which includes a vast library of southbound connectors, allowing us to dramatically reduce engineering costs and time in our IoT projects, both in greenfield and brownfield. We are really glad to write the digital future. Together.
Pau Masgrau Fortuny
ABB - Market Development Manager
The Domatica platform provides unparalleled flexibility, performance, and simplicity. Certified on over 30 industrial gateways and supporting more than a dozen protocol engines and 13,000+ device connectors, Domatica provides the flexibility needed to connect virtually any environment, yet provides an amazingly easy to use visual flow designer that ensures users can focus on the task at hand instead of the wire line details. I’ve yet to find a challenge that Domatica is unable to solve and look forward to continuing to digitize the world together.
Shaun Cooley
Cisco - VP/CTO, Cisco IoT
The EasyEdge platform from DOMATICA allows us to add Edge functionality to our standard MindSphere connectivity elements and has been of key importance for the implementation of multi-protocol applications on brownfield installations, expanding "edge to cloud" offer on industrial projects, in a new and challenging digital world.
João Queiroz
Siemens S.A - Digital Enterprise Coordinator
Field Devices Connected
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