No-Code Solution for Industrial IoT data collection

IoT Edge solution to streamline data exchange between field devices and applications, with brownfield in mind.

What our partners say

Find out about the experiences of our Partners and how their companies are benefiting from EasyEdge.

Pau Masgrau Fortuny
Pau Masgrau FortunyABB | Market Development Manager
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The platform empowers our ABB Ability™ digital solutions with great IoT Edge capabilities (...)
João Queiroz
João QueirozSIEMENS | Digital Enterprise Coordinator
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(...) has been of key importance for the implementation of multi-protocol applications on brownfield installations (...)
Mike W. Otten
Mike W. OttenXylem | Director - Connect, Edge & Intelligence - Enterprise Digital Success
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(…) we found specific solutions that help with data normalization at the Edge (…)
Fred Holahan
Fred HolahanCEO and co-founder, Edge2Web, Inc.
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Domatica’s EasyEdge enables industrial organizations to rapidly acquire and transmit factory data (...)
Shaun Cooley
Shaun CooleyCISCO | VP/CTO, Cisco IoT
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The Domatica platform provides unparalleled flexibility, performance, and simplicity (...)

EasyEdge - Seamless Asset Connectivity

Unleash the Full Potential of Industrial Data with EasyEdge

At the forefront of the industrial digital revolution, EasyEdge stands out as a transformative force, seamlessly bridging assets with applications in ways previously unimaginable. Powered by our pioneering Engines Technology, it simplifies the creation of Asset Drivers and Application Connectors, enabling effortless integration for new assets (southbound) and applications/platforms (northbound). This breakthrough technology is reshaping industries by making data more accessible, actionable, and powerful than ever before.

Asset Drivers

extensive protocol library

EasyEdge Studio leverages an extensive protocol library to connect a wide variety of industrial devices.


edge computing designer

The workflow designer within EasyEdge Studio empowers users to create and manage edge computing processes without the need for programming expertise.

Applications Connectors

extensive connectors library

Easily connect to any application using EasyEdge’s available application connectors - no programming required.

Southbound Data

data flow from/to assets

Southbound Data in EasyEdge Node ensures efficient and reliable data flow between your industrial assets and the EasyEdge platform.


edge runtime component

The EdgeNode component is the heart of EasyEdge’s edge runtime environment. It is specifically designed to deliver high performance even on low-end hardware, making it an ideal solution for large-scale and mass deployment projects..

Northbound Data

data flow from/to applications

Northbound Data in EasyEdge Node streamlines the data exchange process between the platform and your enterprise applications.

Connect - Shape - Deliver

Access siloed data, modulate according to your needs and deploy it into the chosen Application. Easy!

EasyEdge Key benefits

EasyEdge offers all the simplicity and flexibility of a No-Code Industrial IoT platform, allowing you to easily connect field devices while dramatically reduces engineering costs and project delivery time.

Designed with brownfield in mind
Operations friendly No-Code
Faster expansion to scale
All features available by API
Greatly reduced engineering costs
Attractive Business Models

We Provide IoT Edge Technology

Field Devices Connected
Data Stream per day