Siemens S7

S7 Protocol is the backbone of Siemens communications. Its Ethernet implementation relies on ISO TCP (RFC1006) which, by design, is oriented to blocks. Each block is named PDU (Protocol Data Unit) and its maximum length depends on the Siemens communication processors and is negotiated during the connection. Used in the industrial environment.

S7 Protocol supports a variety of different transportation methods. For the usage of TCP/IP, only a communication unit for Ethernet connection or alternatively an onboard Ethernet interface that supports ISOonTCP (RFC1006) must be available.

EasyEdge Engine Features

EasyEdge S7 Engine allows connectivity with S7 protocol over Ethernet. The EasyEdge S7 Engine covers the full Data Type spectrum and allows Read and Write access to the Data Blocks (DB), Inputs (I), and Outputs (Q).

  • Supports the following Memory Types: I (Inputs), Q (Outputs) and DB (Data Block);
  • Support for reading and writing data;
  • Supports multiple PLC connections;
  • Configuration of Maximum size of a data-packet sent to and received from the remote PLC (pdu-size);
  • Capable of automatically aggregating reads/writes for contiguous data requests in order to reduce IO times;
  • Supported Data Types:
      • BOOL Bit;
      • BYTE Byte;
      • WORD Word;
      • DWORD Double-Word;
      • LWORD Long-Word;
      • SINT Small int;
      • USINT Small unsigned int;
      • INT Integer;
      • UINT Unsigned integer;
      • DINT Double integer;
      • UDINT Unsigned Double Integer;
      • LINT Long integer;
      • ULINT Unsigned long integer;
      • REAL Real,
      • LREAL Long Real;
      • CHAR Character;
      • WCHAR Double byte character;
      • STRING String;
      • WSTRING Double byte String;
      • S5TIME S5 Time;
      • TIME Time;
      • LTIME Long Time;
      • DATE Date;
      • TIME_OF_DAY Time of day;
      • DATE_AND_TIME Date and Time;
  • Adjustable pooling read interval;
  • Support for rack and slot selection for connection;
  • Support for bit offset when reading/writing bit strings Data Types;
  • Support for Start byte when reading/writing all Data Types;
  • Supports bit-level access;
  • Supports arrays for all datatypes.

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