PROFINET (Process Field Network) IO is an industrial Ethernet communication protocol based on open TCP/IP and IT standards and developed with an emphasis on PROFIBUS DP similarity.

A PROFINET IO system consists of an IO-Controller, IO-Device, and IO-Supervisor on Industrial Ethernet network infrastructure. The IO-Controller exchanges input and output signals with field devices. IO-Devices are distributed field devices such as drives, valves, and remote IO. The IO-Supervisor can be a PC or HMI for configuring and diagnostics of the PROFINET IO system.

EasyEdge Engine Features

EasyEdge PROFINET IO Engine allows connectivity on a PROFINET network. By sniffing the protocol in a non-intrusive way, it can read Cyclic Communications messages and extract all the Read and Write information from the Devices and the Controller. Support all equipment with a Generic Station Description Markup Language (GSDML) file or even by creating customized virtual slots.

  • Supports Profinet IO Real-Time (cyclic data exchange);
  • Support for all network speed configurations;
  • Supports equipment descriptor file (GSDML) import;
  • Non-intrusive sniffing method for data collection;
  • No need to change programming or even access the Profinet controller;
  • It identifies the device by its MAC address;
  • Supported data types:
      • Boolean;
      • Integer8;
      • Integer16;
      • Integer32;
      • Unsigned8;
      • Unsigned16;
      • Unsigned32;
      • Floating Point;
      • Visible String;
  • Supports customized virtual slots, apart from the ones described on the GSDML file;
  • Support for big-endian/little-endian manipulation;
  • Support for reading input and output slots;
  • Support for reading slots status;
  • It allows creating virtual BIT type objects, binded to native integer variables (Unsigned8, Unsigned16, etc.) to ease the digital I/O handling.

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