PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) is a standard for Field Bus communication in automation technology. PROFIBUS communication protocol uses a modular design and different transmission technologies, making it flexible to set up and use. The system’s building blocks can cover all types of industries and applications.

Decentralized Peripherals (DP) make up the core of the system’s communication. All PROFIBUS applications use DP to communicate between centralized and decentralized devices.

EasyEdge Engine Features

EasyEdge PROFIBUS DP Engine allows connectivity on a PROFIBUS network by sniffing the protocol in a non-intrusive way. EasyEdge reads the message packet and extracts all the Read and Write information from the Devices and the Controller. It supports all equipment with a Generic Station Description (GSD) file or even by creating customized virtual slots.

  • Supports PROFIBUS DP-V0 (cyclic data exchange);
  • Support for all baud rates;
  • Supports equipment address full range (1-125);
  • Supports equipment descriptor file (GSD) import;
  • Non-intrusive sniffing method for data collection;
  • No need to change programming or even access the PROFIBUS controller;
  • Supported data types:
      • Boolean;
      • Integer8;
      • Integer16;
      • Integer32;
      • Unsigned8;
      • Unsigned16;
      • Unsigned32;
      • Floating Point;
      • Visible String;
  • Supports customized virtual slots, apart from the ones described on the GSDML file;
  • Support for big-endian/little-endian manipulation;
  • Support for reading input and output slots;
  • It allows creating virtual BIT type objects, binded to native integer variables (Unsigned8, Unsigned16, etc.) to ease the digital I/O handling.

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