What is EasyEdge?

EasyEdge is an IoT Edge solution to streamline data exchange between field devices and applications, with brownfield in mind. 

EasyEdge is made up of two components: 

  • EasyEdge Studio, located in the Cloud, enables Asset Management and No-Code Project Design in a centralized way.
  • EasyEdge EdgeNode, located at the Edge (typically on IoT Gateways), is the runtime component allowing Data Collection, Edge Computing, and Normalized Data Delivery;

EasyEdge was designed from the ground up with the brownfield in mind, enabling data collection on any platform or application, whether in the Cloud or on-premise. Furthermore, the “Connector Engine” technology allows easy and quick creation of new connectors, whether for devices/protocols (southbound) or applications/platforms (northbound), ensuring high performance with low resources usage. Its comprehensive device library makes it especially suitable for IT/OT convergence projects.

Data generated, especially in the industrial environment, require proximity to Edge’s capabilities to handle very low latency while ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines even when offline.

ML/AI Applications with deep analytics need Edge collected and processed data to enable predictive maintenance, improve quality control, increase worker safety, etc.

EasyEdge enables the virtuous cycle of ML/AI optimization by allowing applications to deploy dynamic algorithms from Cloud that will then run at the Edge.


EasyEdge is powered by Domatica

Domatica is a company that specializes in IoT technology, focused on bridging the gap between the physical and the logical worlds.

Since its inception in 2002, we have sought to address the IoT matter using distributed processing, now the so-called IoT Edge. Therefore, using all the expertise of our multidisciplinary team, we have created EasyEdge, a flexible, reliable, robust, and secure IoT Edge platform allowing virtually any device to connect to any application easily.

Domatica operates in a B2B perspective, privileging strategic partnerships with market players, such as software or hardware manufacturers. As a result, Domatica could put its technology at the service of numerous IoT projects worldwide.

For more information visit www.domatica.io

Our Expert Team

EasyEdge have a professional team that will assist you on the Digital Transformation journey  of your products and services.

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